How to Feed

Serve Dry. Have Fresh water available at all times. Continue to monitor your dog's weight, and reduce or increase the feed ratio as needed. Feed your dog half of the recommended amount twice daily for optimal health and performance. To prevent bloating, avoid feeding large meals before and after heavy exercise. Store in a clean, dry location.

During gestation, Increase 25% to 50% of the feeding guide amount. During lactation, feed "free choice". Feed senior dogs 80% of the feeding guide amount. Feed puppies according to the age: 1½ - 3 months old - up to twice the feeding guide amount; 3-6 months old - up to 1½ times the feeding guide amount; 6-11 months old - up to 1¼ times the feeding guide amount.

Adult Feeding Guidelines

Dog Weight in KG. G/Day G/Day Min. Max.
2 - 5 70 105 0.5 0.5
5 - 10 105 186 0.75 0.75
10 - 20 186 315 1.33 1.33
20 - 30 315 385 2.25 2.25
30 - 50 385 525 2.75 2.75
50 - 80 525 746 3.75 5.33
g/cup 140
kcal/cup 554 3955 kcal/kg AAFCO ME

Kelev Genetix formulas are denser in energy compared to leading brands. You can feed less per meal. Therefore, our food is more cost-efficient per cup. Find out how much you can save with Feeding Calculator. Results are derived using the caloric requirement of an adult dog of average activity and the Metabolizable Energy of the diet (ME).

Transition Guides

It’s very crucial to smoothly transition your dog from its old diet to Kelev Genetix. If transitioned too quickly there is a risk of shocking your dog’s system especially if the protein amounts are drastically different. To properly transition your dog follow the guidelines below.

Try our Feeding calculator