Introducing Kelev Genetix - the perfect way to provide your pup with the nutrition they need and deserve. This premium, protein-rich dog food is formulated with superfoods and nutrients designed to benefit your pup, while the vacuum-infusion process traps in nutrients to keep it fresher for longer. Keep your pup healthy and happy with Kelev Genetix!

Produced in Partnership with

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Soos Pets

In 2015 Shay has founded Soos with one goal in mind: to provide pet owners with superior and unique products made from the ingredients that come from earth so that we can do our part in improving the life of as many pets as possible. At Soos, we truly believe in natural, plant based alternatives as a means to ensure the health and comfort of our furry family members. Soos employees are pet parents too so we know just how much of an important role our pets play in our every day lives. Our pets love us unconditionally so we feel that is our responsibility to give back to them by providing products that promote good health and a long life for all pets.

"Improving life one pet at the time." - Soos Pets


We are known for breeding and training the finest XL American Pitbull Terriers and proudly promote the well-being and reputation of this working breed with each carefully raised puppy and well trained dog in our growing family. We know the relationship a person chooses to have with his dog determines the dog’s behavior. Marlon, the founder, learned this first hand when he adopted an abused rescue dog, Damon, and time and time again Damon proved what every dog needs and wants is a firm consistent leader….The leader of the pack. Marlon and DDK9’s exemplify this role. Learning to be the leader of the pack, you will not only bring out the best in your dog, you will bring out the best in yourself.

“If we can change one mind a day, we have succeeded.” - DDK9

Dog first

When it comes to creating Kelev Genetix, Shay and Marlon have a "dog first" outlook. They asked themselves, "What do the dogs need the most when it comes to feeding?" and "What ingredients are the most beneficial for dogs?" before making their decisions. From that, the pair designed their product with the dogs' best interest in mind.


The two of them are highly experienced and knowledgeable in their fields; with their expertise, they have formulated two distinct types of food: Performance and Wellness to accommodate puppies to working dogs, from adults to seniors.


Using their wealth of knowledge about dogs and their dietary needs, they were able to determine what the primarycomponents of the food should be. Withthe help of a nutritional laboratory, they created Kelev Genetix - a professional line of dog food.

Kelev Genetix: Performance & Wellness

Nutrition first & dog first professional dog food.

We believe it starts with food

Bringing out the best in your dog is the primary mission of Peak Genetix. Food crafted specifically for your dog's ultimate health, wellness, and exceptional performance.

Health & wellness

Nutrient-rich salmon and chicken are extremely high-quality animal protein source that supports lean bodies and provides a myriad of health benefits to be the perfect choice for dogs of all breeds and stages of life.

Ultimate Performance

Rich with Omega 3 Fatty acids and high in Vitamins and Minerals, our Salmon flavored Wellness recipe is great for skin, coat, and joint health. Rich in nutrients and full of flavor, this delicious recipe starts with real chicken as the first ingredient made to boosts energy and strength.